Sofa Cleaning

Does your family spend a lot of time on the sofa? We’ll make sure it’s clean thanks to our sofa cleaning solution.

Does your sofa need a good cleaning?
Because of the amount of time we spend on our sofas, they accumulate a lot of stains, absorb undesirable odors and might be a source of allergy because of the dust they gather.
Therefore, having your regularly clean becomes important.
But fear not, our 3 steps program will take your coffee stains and more away.
1. High powered vacuum will get rid of your leftover crumbs and dirt.
2. Shampoo will deep clean it, remove your chocolate stains and will make it smell good.
3. Steam will get rid of germs and odor causing bacteria.
The end result: a sofa, like new for more happy family moments.
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Sofa Cleaning in Angeles, Clark, Pampanga Philippines

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