Mattress Cleaning

Is your favorite spot the bedroom? Then our mattress cleaning is for you

We easily spend one third of our life on our mattresses. Therefore, a clean mattress is important.

Yet, how often do we clean them?
Our bet: not enough.
Mattresses are very important for our well being because we couldn’t live without rest.
Yet, they can accumulate undesirable stains, smells or even worst: bugs.
Our 3 steps cleaning will get rid of all of them:
1. High powered vacuum will get rid of dead skins and crumbs.
2. Shampoo will deep clean it, remove your undesirable stains and will make it smell good.
3. Steam will get rid of those hard to kill bugs and sterilize the mattress.
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Mattress Cleaning in Angeles, Clark, Pampanga Philippines

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